What’s The Best EDC Bag/Backpack?

Nowadays, the diversity of the items people prefer keeping on them when leaving their homes is quite immense. If you go online and search for a random EDC item list, you’ll be astonished by the variety of things that make a good fit for EDC gear. This is caused by many factors, such as: occupation, hobbies, lifestyle, etc. That is probably why EDC backpacks have become so versatile and popular these days, because they work essentially everywhere.

EDC backpacksAn everyday carry bag/backpack has been designed to provide comfort and functionality for your everyday commute – why else would people think so highly of them? Whether you plan your average working day, or want to head to a remote destination on one of your days off, the best EDC backpack is always up to the task. In addition to that, your hands are always free for a street coffee or a random handshake. However, choosing the EDC bag that can meet all of your expectations may be quite a serious challenge.

On the market, you will come across dozens of models from different manufacturers; which can be quite confusing for many consumers. To hold you back from making the wrong purchase, we have decided to research the most outstanding items in the present. We’ve read through hundreds of customer reviews, as well as tested some of the models, to come up with the 5 top-rated products, which we believe can offer the best quality at the most reasonable price.

Choosing the Best EDC Bag/Backpack

Your lifestyle will probably be the main factor to decide on a particular model of a bag for your everyday carry. There are some generic features most consumers would consider when choosing the best EDC backpack. They are as follows:

1. Your EDC List

Decide on the items you plan on carrying for your everyday routines. This will help define the size and the type of your bag, as well as give you a hint on the additional features you may need.

Most Common Things That People Carry Everyday:

  • Wallet
  • Laptop
  • Keys
  • Flash drive
  • Sunglasses
  • Rain gear
  • Cell phone
  • Medications
  • Phone charger

These are just generic items, you could very well list an abundance of different things – just know that it’s necessary to have a bag for them.

Each of your items should have its special place in your backpack, which will optimize its inner space and help to avoid having a mess inside.

2. Style and Size

Once you’ve decided on your EDC item list, it is time to think of different styles and types of bags. You may opt for a shoulder bag if you are working in a professional environment (and need to have your laptop constantly at hand). However, this style is not as flexible as a backpack, which normally offers a more flexible inner space (as well as more storage options and increased mobility). You can always have heavier gear inside your backpack, as the weight is distributed on both of your shoulders. Finally, if you don’t feel like carrying something too big, you can choose an organizer, a cross-body, or a mini-messenger bag.

3. Materials

Like most of the EDC items, your bag or backpack will be constantly exposed to a lot of wear and abuse. That’s why buying something that is high-quality is absolutely essential. Your bag will be opened hundreds of times every day, so make sure the zippers are strong enough to survive it. You will throw it around your car as well as cast it on the floor of your office or home, so remember to buy one with reinforced edges and corners. Finally, you will have to run with it, or even use it for self-defense to hit an attacker; the stitching and the attachment points need to be both strong and durable.

4. Adjustability and Extras

Try to expand your options by making your EDC bag or backpack as multifunctional as possible. It is always nice to have some extra pockets, as well as to have adjustable straps for a more comfortable carry. A good EDC bag or backpack should always be ready to deal with unexpected challenges. Many modern models provide a wide selection of lash points, MOLLE attachments and various D-rings. These are needed in order to give you maximum flexibility in your day-to-day life. However, make sure you don’t exceed the reasonable amount of extras. Get only those you will use on a frequent basis!

5. Mobility

The best EDC bag or backpack should be lightweight and mobile, because it’s just much more practical when your bag doesn’t weigh a crazy amount. It should fit your body perfectly, so it does not hinder your natural movements. There’s no point of having all your EDC gear on you if your shoulders or arms start aching every time you have to haul it!

6. Impact-Resistance and Weatherproofing

You wouldn’t like your laptop getting spoiled when you’re eventually get caught out in a heavy rain shower, would you? Make sure you get an EDC bag or backpack that is waterproof to keep your EDC gear safe. It is also important to provide some protection for your electronics inside of your bag, this is to keep it safe from occasional hits and drops. Many modern models come with firm fastenings and some soft bedding, which can serve as additional protection in such situations.

Top 5 Best EDC Bags/Backpacks

Top 5: Red Rock Outdoor Gear

Image of Red Rock Outdoor GearAlthough we rank this model the lowest score of 4.0 in our chart, we do believe this is one of the best EDC backpacks on the market. One which can provide its owners with high-quality materials and an excellent functionality!

It is made of polyester and is available in 8 different colors, so there’s a nice amount of variety in regards to the selection. In front, it features two pockets and a sleeve for an organizer, while the main two compartments are accessed via shell-type openings. The length of the shoulder straps can be controlled to provide maximum comfort, while the release waist and sternum strap briskets allow you to take the backpack off quickly. Additionally, its back panel is equipped with a soft padding and an opening for a hydration system. Inside both compartments, you will find several meshed pockets for smaller gear.

Most reviewers find this model “extremely well-built and comfortable”. Jack Dieringer states: “Although it doesn’t look like I could hike with this one for hours, it is still a perfect bag to keep in the vehicle for my EDC items”.

The only complaint about this particular backpack, was that it does not provide padding at the bottom; which means additional risks to your laptop. The only solution to this problem is to put a soft towel or something similar to protect it from incidental damage. That’s why it didn’t score any higher!

Top 4: Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger

Image of Maxpedition Sitka GearslingerUsers left plenty of positive comments on this bag, which is a good sign right from the get go. One of the customers said: “I feel like I have finally got a great bag for my EDC items. After months of use, it looks like it is simply indestructible”.

This model is made of high-quality nylon that is waterproof and abrasion-resistant (due to polyurethane coating). The YKK zippers provide excellent performance and can withstand the most intense use. All the attachment points are reinforced with a special composite thread, while the internal seams are taped for extra protection. Although it looks like a tactical gear, most of the reviewers stated they were using this backpack to serve their everyday purposes; as its size (3x15x8 inches) and weight (3 pounds) make it absolutely comfortable for carrying EDC items.

Some customers, however, have complained about the quality of the buckles that sometimes snapped off after a few months of use. The problem was usually solved by contacting Maxpedition’s customer service, where they can either replace the defective bag or offer to send yours to have it repaired. This model gets a score of 4.3 on our list, the customer service was the saving grace of sorts.

Top 3: 3V Gear Outlaw Sling Pack

Image of 3V Gear Outlaw Sling PackThis over-the-shoulder day bag has scored 4.5 on our list because of many reasons. Due to its single strap, it has become popular among hunters; mainly because its design allows for more comfort when holding a weapon on the shoulder. Additionally, its form allows sliding the backpack around to wear it in front, which means faster access to its contents (without removing the bag, even in a seated position). The backpack additionally features comfortable straps that stabilize it when carrying a large load, making it sit firmly on your body while you’re on the move. It is quite spacious inside, so you can easily fit a 32-ounce bottle in there; as well as a 17-inch laptop.

This model has recieved high scores from many reviewers due to its functionality, high-quality materials and the reasonable price. John Smith noted: “I chose this bag to fit the assortment of my EDC items, including my 15-inch laptop and a camera. It is a great buy at this price!”.

The only drawback of this model is that it is not available in many colors. Normally, you can choose between four color options, which seemed insufficient for some users.

Top 2: Maxpedition Falcon-II

Image of Maxpedition Falcon-IIAvailable in 11 different colors, this model is one of the most ergonomic, durable, and smartly-designed. Its overall capacity of 25 liters is split intelligently between its four compartments (the main, the secondary, and the two front pouches). Like most of Maxpedition’s backpacks, this one is made of reinforced nylon to withstand extensive wear, as well as keep your EDC items safe in harsh weather conditions (such as rain and snow).

Most reviewers find plenty of good reasons for buying this model. Alberto Vargas said: “The organization and the overall design of this backpack are absolutely great. It’s a fresh take on something so simple!”. Andrew Jimneys adds: “I really like the way the straps contour to your chest. It is very comfortable.. almost TOO comfortable!”.

What most of the critical reviewers did not like about this model was its comparatively small size, which couldn’t provide enough space for longer hiking trips. However, for most EDC activities, it is still a perfect choice. It gets a score of 4.8 from us!

#1: 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 Back Pack

Image of 5.11 Tactical Rush 12This model has scored the maximum 5.0 in our rating, due to its exceptional quality, functionality and ergonomics. It features sixteen compartments, offering versatile storages for your EDC items. Additionally, you get a front panel for minor accessories and space for your hydration system to stay on the move for an extended period of time. The adjustable shoulder and sternum straps allow the backpack to sit firmly on your back regardless of your activities while the water-resistant nylon and self-repairing zippers by YKK provide maximum safety to the items inside. It is a perfect bag to carry your laptop, books, files, etc.

Most customers find its stitching and MOLLE system “absolutely awesome,” as well as call its harness system “one of the most comfortable ever”. FGorr states:”…I’ve switched from using my case to this backpack, and it looks like I have found a perfect option for my daily use at work”.

We couldn’t find any flaws in this model except its relatively small size. It is absolutely perfect for most EDC activities! You’d be hard-pressed to find a real issue with this product.


Dealing with your daily routines can be much easier and comfortable if you have a good and reliable EDC backpack. It can hold most of the things you need for your work, as well as provide additional protection to them. We hope our reviews will help you choose the best EDC bag/backpack for your EDC needs; in the end, it’s all about being practical.

All of the models we’ve covered in our research seem to be good choices for your everyday carry, so don’t hesitate to give them a shot. They offer high-quality materials that can provide solid protection for your everyday carry gear, as well as feature a wide selection of additional options to improve their performance.

The 5.11 Tactical Rush seems the best one to tackle most of your day-to-day carrying tasks. It is really multi-functional, offers plenty of storage options and is intelligently designed! Not only that, but it doesn’t cost a crazy amount of money.

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